St. Patrick's Day and Campbell's Birthday!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We had lots of fun today! Since it was St.Patrick's Day and Campbell's birthday we played a lot and took a ton of pictures!
Holden LOVES to sit and watch Cam!
One of his new things is sticking out his tongue! HA!

Happy Birthday Campbell!

Holden wasn't very happy when I told him it was Cam's birthday today and he would be walking and running away from him soon!

I think he is probably deciding that he will just learn how to crawl sooner than later so he can chase him! HA! Let's hope not for awhile!

I made this on Picasa from some of the pictures from today! How fun is this?!? The boy both had on green PJ's this morning and Campbell's onsie that says Birthday Boy on it is even Green!

We hope that you had a wonderful birthday Campbell! We are so glad that you are such a sweet boy and are going to be Holden's best friend!
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andie said...

absolutely love it! hopefully Cam will not teach him to squeal:)

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