Oh, Pinterest!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Y'all I know I have said it before but I am totally addicted to Pinterest! It seriously is crazy how many pins I have {980} and I am sure I have completely forgot about half the things I have pinned. Between the DIY and crafts, Home Decor and recipes alone I could spend hours looking at Pinterest.

So I decided today that because I do have sooo many pins {now 989} I am going to start cooking/making at least one thing a week from now on! It's my Pinterest Challenge! So starting tomorrow I am going to find something among my 989 pins to make/do. I really want to try out some of the yummy recipes that I have pinned on there. They all look soo good! I also want to make a bunch of other things like a new duvet cover for our comforter. The one that I have had the stuff to make it for months but haven't made it yet.

I also have a bunch of things for the boys pinned. Not only stuff to make but also lots of crafts and activities for Holden to do.

So stay tuned because I am going to start this Pinterest Challenge tomorrow and I am going to blog about the good, bad and ugly along the way! I have added a follow me link on my right sidebar so you can see what I have pinned and if you do follow me let me know so I can follow you and steal your pins see what fun things you have pinned too!

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Two Dozen and Change said...

Girl, you've got to try the buffalo chicken ring. SUPER easy and absolutely delish!!

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