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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hello! Here are a bunch of random things running thru my head with a few pics of my babes

* One of these days I AM going to go to bed before 1 am.... Maybe
* Yesterday we took Holden to ride the train in the mall. I think he liked it but was super tired(picture below)
* I am been sewing again this week and it feels awesome! I couldn't do much in the last few months I was prego with Rylan just because I would get so wore out. And I have made some of my fav tees ever!
* Jack has been jobless for two months now. He had an interview that sounded super promising last week but we haven't heard anything else yet.
* We are all finally over the stomach bug. It was bad and I feel SOO bad because my mom helped out with the boys when I was sick last week and now she has the bug
* Rylan is the sweetest baby ever but he has been getting a lot of gas lately(tmi?) and spitting up more. We changed his formula last week to see if that would help but so far it hasn't. He goes for his one month check up this week so we will see what the doctor says
* While driving down the road today Holden started singing along to "Red Solo Cup" now that's a kid after my heart! So funny!
* Speaking of Holden, we are down to one pass pass(paci). He had gotten on such a habit of sleeping with one in his mouth and multiple(like 2 or 3) in his hands at night. Well last week he forgot three at moms and was down to two here at home. And then he lost one
* I am SO addicted to Pinterest that it isn't funny. Exact that it is. Oh and words with friends. I actually sat in a room with three friends the other night and for over 30 min we didn't talk to each other cause we were so busy playing each other! Totally sad!! Lol!!

That's all I've got for now and remember I'm going to bed before 1! Ha!

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