Sweet Baby Boy

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last weekend I was on a mission. A mission to find out if we were adding a sweet little boy or girl to our family. I tried calling around several 3d/4d places to see if anyone had appts for the day, most didn't, then at 1:15 and in Gainesville I found one opening at a place at 2 in Alpharetta. Somehow we made it there right on time. And we found out that we were adding this sweet little baby boy to our family. Here are some of the best pics we got that day. Because he is still so small, some of the others you can't see very much and then he flipped and put his back to us. In all of the pics below his head is at the top right and most of them he has his hands up by his face just like Holden did : )

This sweet baby boy doesn't really have a name yet. We had decided on Graham {which I love} but some reason is doesn't really feel like it fits right now. So we are still throwing lots of names around and right now I think his name may change every day : ) I don't really think Holden has a clue but he does point to my stomach and say baby and every time he sees a baby in a picture or out and about somewhere he also points and says baby but I'm not sure he has the connection. This sweet baby is due January 29 and we are planning on doing a repeat C-Section. So as long as my blood pressure stays fine we will have a section at around 39 weeks or after. We haven't really starting working on his room yet but I know exactly what I am going to do in there and that is a while other post in itself.

But for now here are some pics of my sweet boy playing on his "tuck"{truck} the other night. He needs a whole post on him coming soon also! He is changing so much SO fast I need to get everything down : )
 Love this sweet boy!!

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Emily said...

What fun! I just love ultrasound photos! It's SO hard to pick names - good luck finding the perfect one for your newest little guy.

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