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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hey yall!! I have been away from here for WAY too long!! I have soo much to blog about!! I was looking thru pictures that I have taken over the past few months and I have not taken nearly enough of this sweet little boy! We have been spending most of our days now at home and playing and well Holden has been doing a lot of  "coo-kin" in his Ikea $10 tent.

 We destroy the house each and every day and I know Jack much think a tornado comes thru every day. I try my hardest to clean up when I can during nap time but some days I just need to nap as well....
 .. because if your a blog friend then you haven't heard Holden's BIG news!!

Maybe I have been so out of it and tired for so long because...


Ok so maybe this isn't new news since I am almost 17 weeks... but to any blog friends out there, who are still wanting to see whats going on with us, it's news to you : )

All the details to come like how long we have known(it feels like forever), pics from ultrasounds last weekend, and most importantly is he going to have a baby sister or brother!
You'll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out : )

That is if anyone is still out there : )

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Emily said...

I'm still here! Congratulations on the exciting news!!

Can't wait to hear all of the details! :-)

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