Year in pictures

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

{3-1-11 We stayed home today because on the way Mr. Holden got sick. All over his car seat. This is Cam's extra car seat that I recover and is in my car most of the time and came in great when we had to go to the store to get some Pedialyte}
{3-2-11 He LOVED riding on this battery powered toy Cam has}
{3-3-11 So handsome}
{3-4-11 He was laughing so hard and would NOT look at the camera! ha!}
{3-5-11 Holden favorite new thing is to point at everything! In this picture he was pointing at Daddy}
{3-6-11 At the shower for Campbell's Mommy Andie for Baby Harper}
{3-7-11 But Mommy, I promise Fruit Loops and Cheerios taste better off of the floor}
{3-8-11 Super sweet little boy wearing his awesome pants that I made and LOVE}
{3-9-11 He was eating lunch and doesn't like the red light that come on before the picture. Silly boy! And yes I said eating lunch in his PJ top... hey its super nasty weather here today : ) }

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