Sunday, March 27, 2011

Almost exactly two years ago to the day, I was having a great Monday. I was at work keeping these sweet three little boys that I had been keeping for almost a year. You've heard about them MANY time here. You know, Cooper, Cash and Tucker. Well remember when their daddy lost his job due to cut backs at his workplace right after I got back from visiting my new sweet baby niece Sophia? And then I lost mine. I always new that I would come back to them someday. And well now since I am not keeping Campbell, since his Mommy and Daddy gave him a new sister a few short weeks ago, I am going back to my wild children.... TOMORROW! I am soo excited! If I can't be with Campbell every day, the ONLY other place I would rather be is with his cousins! These sweet boys!

Tucker{who is now almost THREE!! I started keeping him at 3 weeks!}
This picture cracks me up because he was playing with Campbell and Holden and making silly faces then laughing so hard and of course I caught him making one!

Cash{Seriously FIVE in just a few short months!!}

Sweet Cooper

This is from when I had all five boys for a few weeks in Jan

And here is a pic of the boys from one of the last days I was with them!
Love them and can't wait to get back to them tomorrow!!


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