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Friday, March 25, 2011

So I know I have been way out of the blogging world for wayyyyyy too long! SOOO much has gone on in the past two weeks and I have so much to blog about! I PROMISE to sit down {sometime during you know my free time} and blog about most or all of these things ASAP:

Holden's First Haircut
Year In Pictures
Holden's 15 month update
Holden was SUPER sick
I lost was laid off for the summer.. kinda because Campbell's Baby sister Harper is here!! {super excited about her being here-she is ADORABLE!!}
Amazing Poppyseed Chicken
Mom's Birthday present... {Her birthday is today so I can't say much until I give it to her : ) }
I have a new job I start Monday!! Any guess as to who I will be keeping AGAIN?? I am SUPER excited!!

{This picture is from last year at Mom's surprise birthday party!! Look how big my baby has gotten!}

So there you have it. 8 new post coming to you soon! But for now, it's my last day off of work and I have a ton of sewing to finish up and ship out so I am going to do that! : )


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