My new window..

Friday, December 10, 2010

A few months ago, I was reading thru a blog that I read and my bloggy friend Kendra had this adorable project that she was going to start with a door. For months Jack and I had looked for doors that I could use for this project. Well since I am married to such a wonderful man, and he just happens to work for a glass company, he found me this amazing window! So instead of making my picture frame with a door, I used a window. And that amazing hubs that I was talking about did all the work. He started be sanding down the white old paint that was on the window {from a house he replaced the windows in} then did all the red painting. Then after a few coats of paint, I cut out scrapbook paper to fit inside of the windows and taped them to the back of the windows. Then I ordered prints at somewhere I won't mention {CVS} and had to go back more than two time because the didn't have my order ready {even though I ordered it online many hours before} and I got 16 5x7's in black in white to fill the holes. Yes I know there are color pics on here. That is because I used it to put all of Holden's monthly pictures in for his birthday and I think it looked awesome! The pictures are on the front of the window so I can replace as I want! 


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