Holden's One Year Update

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Birthday {again} sweet Holden! What a crazy few weeks we have had! We ended up back at the doctor last Friday and after a few test realized that Holden had Croup. But his ears looked good. So we were told to finish out antibiotics and were put on some meds for the Croup. The following Tuesday we had Holden's One year check up scheduled and I knew he was feeling a little better over that weekend but didn't feel well at all on Monday or Tuesday. The check up went great and he is doing wonderfully but the ear infection was back and worst so we were given stronger meds this time. So we will see how that goes! I feel like I have been away for so long! HA! He has just not been himself at all and just wants to be held a lot of the time. And I really can't blame him!
Holden, here is a little of what you are up to at one year:
As of Tuesday Dec. 21 you weighs 21 lbs and 7 oz and are in the 26% and are 31.5 inches long and in the 90% for lenght.
You are wearing size 12-18 clothes mostly just because you are so long. 6-12 pants fits a lot better in the waist but aren't long enough in the legs.
You are wearing size 5 shoes
You are still wearing size 3 diapers
You sleep from about 8 to about 6:45 in the morning when we have to work and on the weekends you sleep from about 8 or 9 until about 8 in the morning.
You still do not have ANY teeth
You are starting to get a lot more hair!
Not walking yet but it will be coming in the next few months
You are turned around in your Big Boy car seat and you love it!
You have started talking a lot more lately and now say Dada, Mama, Truck{with an F in front instead of the "Tr"- yeah...} Mow {Cat says Meow} I think you are also saying Yes and Hello but you try to say a lot of other things just making the sound
You LOVE cats and dogs!
You are the biggest flirt ever!
You love your blanket
I think you could stay in the bath forever and come crawling like crazy as soon as I turn on the water
You just have been really sick for the first time with in the past two weeks.
You love people
You can wave bye-bye, and hi, put your hands up when we say touchdown or yea and look for people when we ask you where they are like Daddy or Nana
You are a Momma's Boy and Daddy's boy
You love buttons and turning on and off Nana and Papa's computer and printer

{This pic shows how you really felt on your birthday}
Holden Michael we love you more and more every day! You are the sweetest baby ever and it is such a joy to get to be with you every day! We love you sweet boy more than you will ever know!

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