Happy Birthday Holden!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Yesterday we celebrated this sweet little boys first birthday!! How amazing it is that he is already ONE year old! As much as I wanted the day to be fun for him where he would get to play and have so much fun unfortunately it wasn't. Mr. Holden came down with a fever of 102.5 on Monday night and was just miserable. I took him to the doctor on Tuesday to find out that he had an ear infection {and I think a sinus infection too or he got one right after} Tuesday night Campbell's Mommy called me to tell me she was taking off Wednesday because Cam was sick and running a fever also. And then the rain came in and it was cold. Like in the teens. Sooooo everything yesterday was defrosting and we were home again. It was probably a good thing since on Wed he felt much better then yesterday not so much and slept a lot. {The picture above might be one of the only times he smiled all day} Then last night he woke up again with a fever and some of his congestion has moved south to his chest. So back to the doctor we go again later today! I promise I will post pictures from his special day and a 1 ear update as soon as I can! : )

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Emily said...

Happy birthday Holden! Feel better soon!

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