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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So for a few months now, Holden will get up on his knees and rock back and forth, back and forth. And what has come form this? Nothing! I don't think that he has any desire at all to crawl! In stead he will just rock back and forth until he falls forward. Oh he can move his knees forward and his hands but not at the same time and I don't think he even wants to. All this week I have been getting on the floor with him and helped him move showing him how to move everything together and he gets so mad! Oh well maybe we will just skip crawling.....
...... Because he would MUCH rather stand! He has always loved to stand more that lay down and especially now! He is starting to pull up on some things {like Jack and I} and can now stand holding onto something.
I also have been working on getting to try to get him to feed himself. Until this morning, he would try to grab whatever was on his tray but never really realized that he could put it in his mouth. But all the sudden this morning he reached down and picked up a pancake and put a piece in his mouth! Way to go Holden!
He was pretty excited about feeding himself! HA!

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Brian and Kendra said...

Sophie crawls everwhere! Trust me its so much easier when they don't crawl! :)

I do have a friend who's baby never crawled, just started walking! Maybe Holden will do that!

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