Eat, Play, Nap

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hey yall! I have been so busy lately doing what the title says. Eat,play and sleep. That seems to be my days here lately! Ha! Now that I am back to work and the school year is started I am trying hard to get this little boy and Cam on a good schedule for during the day. I stayed super busy last week with work, filling Holden's Hut orders and searching for fabrics and such that I hardly had time to stop and hang out with my boys. But last Friday as a big nigh in our house! Jack and I went on a date{only our second since Holden was born} and he even stayed the while night at my Mom's house!!! {This probably won't happen again soon just because it was so weird with out him and I missed him SOO much!} But we went to dinner with some of our awesome friends who we love Bill and Mandy and had a great time. After dinner we went and rented movies and stayed up late watching them. It really was fun but I missed my boy like CRAZY!! These pictures are just a few more of the other day when I took pictures of him in the yard trying to get a good new one for Holden's Hut:

We are having a great week so far. I have two more orders to fill but I am just waiting on the fabric. Jack is gone playing frisbee golf with the neighbors behind us and Holden is napping so I am going to go enjoy my quiet time while I still can!! Have a great Wednesday tomorrow!

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