Fun Weekend

Sunday, August 29, 2010

We had such a fun weekend this weekend! Friday night, we hung out around home and had fun with some neighbors. Then Saturday, we got up and had a big day. We headed over to my Mom and Billy's house to hang out for awhile since my grandparents would be there. They have been gone for THREE months while driving to Alaska and back! The boys worked on installing some new lights in the kitchen and the girls and Holden just did little things here and there like hang things on the wall and watch this big guy try and crawl. Holden, for almost 7 months I got up with you almost every single night, took care of you almost every single day all day, I held you and cuddled with you and this is what you have to say to me? Thanks! HA! I love this boy and his new thing is blowing raspberries! He thinks he is just too cute {which I do too} and if you do it to him he will do it right back!

I took a little time trying to get a good few pics of him in their back yard in his adorable outfit. And I did get some cute ones but man he would not look at me and smile for anything!

But when his BFF Chatt came running out he stared going crazy and laughing at him! Silly boy!

He just has started to find shadows and it is so funny to watch him.

Here was Jack and my Grandpa working away on getting the lights hooked up.
This picture is of Holden's Great-Grandma {my Grandma} and him. So cute!

Holden and Nana {my Mom}

After we left Mom and Billy's, we headed over to their old house to move a fridge out of the garage and take it to Jack's parents house. While we were there we went over and visited with Colleen, Dana and Phil {Avery is away at UGA so we missed her}. They were the BEST {and I do mean BEST} neighbors for us for 18 years and it is so weird not getting to see them as much! {Just a little background on how far we go back, I went to the hospital with Avery to bring Dana home after she was born. THEN Collen was able to be in the delivery room with Jack and I during my c-section when Holden was born since she worked for my doctors office. They are just so special to us!!!} After visiting with them I went in our old house. It was so weird. So empty. So many memories just rushed into my head and I just cried thinking about everything we had gone through in that house. My parents divorced in that house, then my Mom remarried and the boys moved in. Five teenagers in one house. I do have to say that was awesome. It's the last place I saw Michael, right in the living room. Jack and I lived there for a year after getting married. And MANY other just family memories. And many with our friends as well.
After leaving the house and dropping off the fridge at Jack's parents house we headed to Frontera with them and Bill, Mandy, Abbie and Jacob {our second family} Today we hung around the house all day and then went to my Mom and Billy's for dinner. It was a great weekend filled with lots of fun and memories!!


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The pictures of holden are so cute! I really like them!!

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