Happy 8 Month Birthday Holden!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy 8 Month Birthday Holden! Yesterday was an awesome day! I got the surprise call in the morning that Campbell wasn't feeling good and his daddy was staying home with him so I had the day off. And can I just say it was wonderful! I got SOO many things done that needed to be done but most of all things I did all day was snuggle and cuddle with this sweet 8 month old. I was just perfect. The past 8 months have gone by so fast and yesterday I just soaked in all of Holden all day. For his guitar outfit this month, he wore his guitar jammies {which I love} So here is a little of what you are up to at 8 months:

You are wearing size 3 diapers and size 6-9 or 9-12 month outfits. Just depends. Still can wear 0-3 month shorts but I am not looking forward to trying to find pants for this long skinny boy.

You are now SLEEPING THUR THE NIGHT!! I think this is the best thing ever! You sleep from about 8 every night to about 7:30 in the morning {when we are home} and take four naps a day. I know I'm super spoiled by this : )
You are doing wonderful at sitting up. You have no desire at all to crawl even though you will get up on your hands and knees and rock in your bed. You would much rather be standing.

Speaking of standing, you are now pulling up on Daddy and I when we are sitting next to you!
You are such a flirt! In this picture you were flirting with the neighborhood teenage girls who just love you!
You are the happiest baby but when you are tired you just want to sleep.
I love how sweet this picture is!
This picture you can see how skinny with no hiney this boy is! Those jammies are 12 month so they fit his legs but are about 2 inches too big in the waist! HA!
You still love TV but Elmo is by far your fav and you love everything Elmo!
You are a big time Momma's boy! But when Daddy is home you go back and forth from one of us to the other. You listen for Daddy to come home every day and when you hear the door open you just stare down the hall and wait for him to say "Hey Big Boy" and you just laugh!

You have such a funny personality and have this face you make when you get excited or want something really bad. We call it your game face and I NEED to get a picture of it! It is soo funny!
You love to eat and will eat just about whatever I give you! I have been giving you a lot of different things lately and you just love them. Still not too crazy about a bottle but I think you are better than you were last month about drinking it.
Standing up and dancing on the couch.
You still Love water! I think you could play in water all day if I let you!
Jumpin and a dancin!
Still no teeth. I have thought all week you were getting some but so far nada. But I still do think they are coming soon.

You are a huge cuddle bug and could be held all day long.

Chatt {my Mom's Dog} and Hoochie {our cat} our your BFF's. Along with Campbell of course.

Your blue eyes are still sticking around but they are starting to change all the time so who knows what color hey will end up being.
Sweet Holden we love you more than words can tell you! I love being able to spend every day with you! I love you sweet boy!

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Mrs. Southern said...

Holden is adorable! He sounds so much like my 8 month old right now. Happy 8 months little cutie!

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