Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why is Holden wearing his Christmas jammies you ask? Well maybe it's because Christmas is officially less than FOUR months away!!
That also means that in less than FOUR months this little guy will be ONE!!
I tricked him into smiling by turning on Elmo.

This past year has flown by and this is my FAVORITE time of year! I love the fall with all the fun holidays and Christmas is my favorite!

This was my sweet boy last year on Christmas Day. He was 9 days old and had only been home from the hospital two days. He was {and still is} the best Christmas gift that I have EVER gotten!

....Oh and maybe Holden is wearing his Christmas jammies because this weekend when I was putting away his 6-9 one piece sleepers I found them. And if he doesn't wear them now by Christmas they will be shorts on him! HA!

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Brian and Kendra said...

i LOVE the christmas jammies! :) Fall is my favorite time of year too!

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