6 Month check up

Monday, June 21, 2010

Friday afternoon I took Holden to his 6 month check up! We had had a great morning and we had gone to lunch with my Mom and my friend Carrie and her daughter Abagail, who is 7 weeks older than Holden. After lunch we header over to Holden's doctor's appointment. I think every time he goes he is always hungry and tired when we get there and we are always running late. This appt not only did we make it on time but early! So we were in and out pretty fast!
Holden is doing wonderful! Here are his stats for 6 months:
Weight: 17 lbs 9 oz {65 percentile- much better than the 32% at 4 months}
Height: 27 and a half inches {82 percentile}
He is doing just wonderful! This picture was hen we were waiting on the doctor to come in... it was also before the dreaded shots.

He slept on the way home and for two hours after we got home but this is how I found him when I was getting him out of the car. Maybe he is afraid his foot might just fall off! HA!
This was from the 16th when we had to run to the store for my Mom! Silly boy! He was trying to eat them instead of wear them!
This picture was from earlier today. Such a sweet boy!

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Brian and Kendra said...

Sophie's appointment is next week. I HATE when they have to get shots! :( It's so sad. I love the picture with the giant glasses! That ones a keeper!

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