Movin on up!

Monday, June 7, 2010

So we have made the big move all the way down the hall! This sweet boy still fit in his cradle but it way too squirmy for it now. Now that he is rolling over from his belly to his back {only in his bed} and scooting {once again only in his bed is this fun}it was time to move to his room and sleep in his crib. This was how I woke up to find him one day last week.

Hey Mommy I think I may start trying to get out of this thing!

This picture cracks me up because he is getting a little belly. I guess it's all the food he loves to eat and not take his bottle hardly at all anymore. Oh well except for the middle of the night of course! HA! He was watching TV while I was getting ready

And now in his big boy bed!
Hey Mommy I'm awake!

Holden you are such a big boy and growing up so fast! We love you!

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