Holden's bedding!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We have been having a lot of fun picking out things and getting thing ready for Holden to be here! Last Saturday my Mom came up and she put all of Holden's bedding together for us. We were so excited to get it started and it turned out AWESOME!!

So far we haven't been able to do anything without Simon being right next to us trying to help! Hoochie just waits until we are done and then goes to check everything out.
Here it is after we put the bedding in!
It was A LOT of work but it looks so good and we LOVE it!
We even had enough fabric to make him a blanket that matches.
Here is his oh so cute curtain
Mom made this cute tie back when we ran to Wal-Mart for a curtain rod and chick-fil-a for lunch.

We got this super cute lamp for his room last weekend when we were in Hilton Head. I had found the same one online that I wanted but it was a lot more and I would had to have paid for shipping.

I got this super cute sign from Target on the dollar rack a when we were trying for a baby. We always knew if we had a boy that we wanted him to have a surfer/beach/hawaiian room. And I got it out the other day and it matches the blue in his room perfectly! His room is becoming more than I could have imagined!

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