Back to Work I go

Thursday, August 6, 2009

On Monday, I returned to work and it has been great! I didn't get my job back with my boys (since their dad Mark still hasn't found a job yet.... please continue to pray that he will find something) BUT I am watching their cousin Campbell. Campbell's Mommy Andie is sisters with my boys momma Nickole. He is the sweetest thing and is almost 5 months old. He is so stinkin cute and we have lots of fun playing and talking, well mostly me talking, while his Mommy Andie and Daddy Matt go to work. I really think he knows that I am pregnant and Holden is going to be his best friend. I have a super cute pic of him on my phone that I will have to load later and send to his Momma and Daddy. Holden is doing great. He is very busy and moves around all the time. I just need him to move just a little harder so that Jack can feel him too.

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