His name is Holden....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

So we went to the doctor this morning...... and IT'S A BOY! We could not be more excited and Jack's face was beyond priceless when the lady said that is was a boy. I don't think that I have ever seen him so excited about anything. We picked out the name HOLDEN MICHAEL for him and it's probably a good thing it is a boy because we didn't have any girl names picked out at all. I loved the name Holden and Michael is after my brother. The picture above is a great profile shot.
In the picture, you can't really see it but it says BOY and is pointing to, as the lady said, it his Wee-wee. ha! I'm sure he is going to love one day this!

And here is one of the side of him again. We got a lot of good pictures and got to watch him for almost an hour with the nurse did all the measurement for everything. His heart and brain and face and whatever. It was fine by me we didn't mind watching. And he already has a girlfriend since we found out last week that our neighbor is having a girl. So we are so excited!

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