Painting Holden's room!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Today we had a very busy day. We got up early and went to church with our neighbor Katie. After that we all went and ate lunch together and then off to Home Depot Jack and I went to find the perfect color for our Holden's room. We have all the fabric for his bed and Jack has been wanting to paint his room since I found out I was pregnant. So we found the perfect color blue that goes great with the main fabric that we are going to use and went home and got busy!

Before: This is of Holden's room last weekend when we cleaned the carpets.

This is when we started putting the tape lines up for the white stripe that it between the blue. (And yes that is his very full closet full of many clothes right now thanks to Tamra, Nickole and Andie! Passing down clothes is awesome! And we have A LOT of boys who we have passed them to!!)
Here is where Simon decided that he was going to start helping Jack....
And here is what we measured the blue stripe on the wall with... who need a measuring tape... not Simon I guess! HA!

The room all stripped and ready to be painted!

I think Simon is slackin on the job and making Jack do all the work!

All painted and tape down!
Daddy did an AWESOME job painting the room and I know Holden is going to love it!! Thank you Daddy! We love you!!


Anonymous said...

That looks awesome Jack! Good Job!

Anonymous said...

Jack, you look so cute vaccuuming. Mom needs to see that! LOL! It must be love. =) Love ya bro! K.

Anonymous said...

By the way, the paint job does look very good! Jamie, James, and I are going to tackle Sophia's room soon.

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