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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Is this not the COOLEST thing that you have ever seen?? My mom made it! It's a mosaic and made of a bunch of pieces of glass! Jack and I went to hang out for a little bit before we had to go babysit and she gave this to us for Holden. He is going to love it so much and it is going to go PERFECT in his room! Thank you Nana! We love you!

Last weekend we had another big adventure registering for baby things. We went with our awesome neighbors Kenny and Katie so they coul register at the same time for their baby girl. We satrted at Babies R Us and were there for a few hours! Who would have thought that it would take that long to register at one store. After that we left and went and got some lunch and then on to Target. That was not fun at all. All of their gift registrys were down online and in stores. So Jack and I finally were able to create one and then about 20 attempts later so were Katie and Kenny. But we made it and finally were all able to register there also. Both of the our registrys are available online or in stores and I have posted a link to them below!

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