What is in a name

Thursday, March 8, 2012

When I was little, we had these adorable stools that had our name on them where the letters made a puzzle and fit together. My sister Megan's is still around at my moms house and Holden LOVES it and plays with it every time we are over there.

Well about 3 weeks ago or so, after coming home from my moms, I decided that I needed to find one of these for Holden. So I got on the Internet and searched but never really found what I really wanted. And then we fast forward to today. We went over to my moms again to hang out and my grandparents joined us over there. When we walked in, we saw name stools for Holden and Rylan! The BEST part about them is that my amazing grandparents made them!! They are so awesome and Holden played with his over and over all day long!

So what is in a name? Well in this case LOTS of love!! Iam SO excited for the boys to be able to not only have these but to know that their great- grandparents made them! Super special!

Thank you sooo much Grandma and Grandpa!! We love them sooo much!!

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