Oh the love

Monday, March 12, 2012

Oh how I just love these sweet boys of mine! They are changing so much so fast! Here is a little of what they are up to!

Holden is just so amazing. He constantly amazes us with how smart he is. He knows and recognizes all of his letters and numbers. His best friends are Cooper and Kylee. His favorite foods are pasta, pizza, and "choo choo treats" {train fruit snacks} he still is head over heels in LOVE with trains and today his two favorite movies are Cars and Finding Nemo. He loves bubble and bubble baths. When we are in the car or even really anywhere he point out letters and spells signs. He's getting to be not so shy anymore but it kinda comes and goes. Some days he will talk to anyone he sees other days he won't even say hi to the neighbors. Silly boy. He becomes a little more interested in Rylan everyday. Mostly he doesn't pay any attention to him but he usually wants to know "where ry-wan go?" He is just so much fun!

Rylan is just the sweetest baby! We finally think that we have the perfect{knock on wood} bottle and formula combo down. He smiles all the time and loves to be held and talked to! Full update on him coming on Friday on his two month post!

I just love these boys so much!

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