Sick baby

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I think the worst thing in the world is having a sick baby. They are just do helpless and miserable and it kills me. Since Rylan was born, he has always been a stuffy baby. They told us that it's because when babies are born via csection, they don't get all the fluid squeezed out of them. Well it kinda comes and goes but is never really any cause for concern.

Well since about the end of last week, his congestion has gotten a lot worse. Sunday night it was so bad that he threw up an entire bottle. Monday he was fussy and still super stuffy but he seemed to be ok as long as he was propped up and not laying flat on his back.

Then Monday night hit. Poor little guy did not sleep at all. Maybe a total of two hours was all he slept all night. He just cried and cried all night. He couldn't keep anything down at all. So Tuesday morning I took him in to see the doctor.{He's now a whopping 12 lbs} They did an RSV test which came back negative and he decided he just "has a cold".... I'm still not buying it. He did much better last night but today has been fussy all day. He is still very congested in his sinus and now some has gone to his chest so he has a nasty cough. Poor guy has just been miserable. I am really hoping this sweet little guy feels better soon!! I can't stand it when my babies are sick!

Holden on the other hand, is way out of wack since Daddy started his new job on Monday. So yesterday we went over to Nana and Papas and he played and played. They have a fountain in their backyard and he had tons of fun throwing the frog into the water. : )

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Emily said...

Oh no, sick babies are the saddest. Feel better soon Rylan!

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