Happy Birthday Holden!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Today we celebrated the birthday of the sweetest little boy ever! Jack didn't have any work today {which is a totally different story-he totally got laid off today for lack of work} so he was able to spend the day with us. We started off the day going to Mr. Cooper's house for the day. BUT he woke up sick so his Mommy came home from work and we spent the day just the three of us.

One of Holden's favorite things in the whole world right now is choo-choo twains so we knew we wanted to do something to do with trains for his special day. Well I have been having EXTREME back pain that nothing helps so I didn't really wasn't to go to far in case we needed to head home. Our neighbors had told us about this local train store that they take their son to and he loves. Well it turns out this store is the same place that I had my very first job but we worked out of the guys basement and now he has a store. So we headed there and while we were there he comes running thru the shop saying a train was on its way and to come see it. They are right off a main street so we were right next to the train tracks. Holden was in HEAVEN! I took him outside and sat him on the curb and he just stared the whole time the train went by. This was really his first time seeing a train so close and not in the car and he loved it so much and it totally made his day and mine just knowing how happy he was!

After we left there we ran around and did a few things and visited with his Papa and Mema before heading home. That night we took his to see Santa{which he HATED} and then went over to my parents house for dinner.

It was such a perfect day for such a sweet boy and I know he had so much fun... minus the whole seeing Santa ha!

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