32 Weeks x's 2

Sunday, December 4, 2011

 Today marks 32 weeks for me with sweet baby Rylan! It is super exciting to be this close already but weird to know my sweet Holden will only be the only child for just a few more short weeks. Holden was born at 38 weeks and about 3 days so we will have to wait and see when Mr. Rylan comes to join us. Not much longer until I schedule my c-section either! 
The rest of this year is going to fly by with Holden's birthday and Christmas and our hospital tour{I'm having Rylan at a different hospital than I had Holden at} coming up in a few weeks! 
Today we hung his curtain in his room and my Mom stopped by and helped with a changing pad cover problem I was having.... it was making me crazy! HA! His room is coming together and we just have a few more things we need to get for in there. I also had a friend come over and I helped her make a few Christmas presents for some of her friends and family so I am sooo tired. I am heading to bed as soon as my sheets are dry. Don't you just LOVE clean sheets?? I know so random but whatever! So night all I leave you with a side by side of me pregnant with Holden at 32 weeks and 32 weeks with Rylan.

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