What a week and 22 months

Sunday, October 16, 2011

This past week has been crazy around here! I feel like I have so much to blog about! Let's start a week ago. Not last Thursday, but the Thursday before Jack went into work and his boss called a meeting. So everyone went into the meeting and the owner of the company informed them that Friday{the next day} that their shop was closing their doors and filing bankruptcy. ONE day notice and Jack was out of a job. No job no insurance. Just what I needed to hear being 6 months pregnant. The good news is that he is supposed to start a new job on Tuesday working for a guy that he used to work with at his last job. This guy left where they were working together and started his own company. So lets hope and pray that everything goes smoothly with that!!
So let's move onto something more fun to talk about! : ) This sweet little boy is 22 months old today! TWENTY TWO months! How is it that in TWO months from today I will have a 2 year old and almost another baby??
 He is quite the social butterfly{most of the time} these days! Here is a little of what he is up to at 22 months:
* He is wearing mostly 2T clothes just because I can't justify buying 24 month when 2Tis the same thing- but as always they are way to big in the waist so I am sooo glad that 2T come with adjustable waist!
* He is wearing size 6 or 7 shoes and 3 or 4 diapers. 3 fit better but he seems to leak thru those more
*He has 6 teeth on top and as of yesterday 5 on bottom : )
*Still loving his paci and blankie{no idea of when or how to take paci yet- he is just so.in.love}
* He is talking up a storm and thinks he is saying more than he is : )
*OBSESSED doesn't even describe his love for choo choos
*He is doing great in his big boy bed most nights
*He loves to be outside but with this crazy weather we have been having it gets hard to go out sometimes
*He loves water and the bath... a pool on the other hand.. not so much
* He loves Meow{our cat Hoochie} but I think he just wants to beat her half of the time
*Not sure if hes more a Mommy's boy or Daddy's boy now. He can't stand it when either of us leave

Holden Daddy and I love you SOOO Big! You are our world and make us so happy! We love you sweet boy!

Now onto watch Jack... just a little... paint Rylan's room!! : )

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