Where oh where are you tonight

Monday, May 2, 2011

Holy Moses have we been busy lately! I have so much to catch up on but am SUPER tired and headed to bed ASAP! I just wanted to give you a little fill in as to what we have been up to : )

Bubbles and Baths. Parties and Birthdays. Singing and Talking.Easter and the ER{yes I spent Easter in the ER- totally fine now}. WALKING {yes Holden started walking last Wednesday!!}

And here is the proof! Right after the first steps of real walking started!

 Sewing{TONS} Staying up way too late. Creating. Running. Biking. Baking

 TEETHING{ Holden has TWO teeth coming in! The first was a molar...}

Swinging. Sliding. Climbing

Playing with friends old and new. Books and cars. Beach planning and socializing

Ad spending lots of time with this most incredible little boy in he whole world! He keeps getting bigger each and every day.

More to come when I have a chance to stop and breathe! HA!

On another note, whatcha think of the new blog design and name??? Isn't it AWESOME!! Of course my rocking blog friend Kendra over at Key Lime Digital Design did it all!! Please go over and check her out!!

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