Happy 17 months Holden!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Holden Michael you are 17 months old! I can not believe that you are 17 months already! You are growing up and learning more each and every day. Since I missed your 16 month update I am going to include what you have been doing for the past two months!

*You are wearing size 18/24/2T shirt just depending on the brand and size 6-9 or 12 months shorts. Oh my skinny boy
*You are still in size 3 diapers
*You are wearing size 5 or 6 shoes also depending on the brand. You have some fat little feet.
*You started WALKING on April 27th!!

*You got you first tooth on April 20th and now have four that are coming in right now and another that is about to poke thru {your first was your top right molar then bottom two and now top}
* You love to talk!
*Here are the words that you are saying
Mama, Dada, Nana, Papa, arris{my mom's dog Harris}, ight{light}, Yea, No, Bye-bye, mon{come on}, Side{for inside or outside}, ease{please} aci{Paci}, ooch{our cat is Hoochie}, everything is hiss{this} or at{that}, ash{Cash- one of the little boys I keep}, ah-yee{our neighbor Ollie}, ndy{our neighbor Andy and Campbell's Mommy is Andie but I'm not sure he realises they have the same name}, uice{juice}, and his FAVORITE right now is ha og{Hot Dog off of Mickey Mouse}{21 I can think of now}

*You LOVE to be outside and I think you could probably stay out there all day!
* You are so funny! You will pink up something and act like you are "talking" on it like a phone and just "talk" and then start laughing
*You LOVE water esp. the cats water or even  the gross.. the toilet. Have to keep all of our lids down or you will throw a toy in!

*You are still in love with your blankie and Paci But I am trying really hard to only let you have your paci at nap/bed time or in the car
*You are still an amazing sleeper! We just put you in bed and you go right to sleep

*Your favorite toys right now are anything with wheels! You are obsessed with the tires on bikes especially or even a car
*You love to walk up and down our small road
*You love playing in my flower pots outside and throwing the dirt everywhere. Awesome

Sweet Holden We love you so much and you are becoming a little boy way too fast! Just know that you will always be my baby!! I love you sweet boy!

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