Seriously what was I thinking??

Friday, April 2, 2010

Last Wednesday I decided that it might be fun to let Campbell feed himself spaghetti since he was in a kinda funny mood and I just wanted to see what he would do. Oh ad just a reminder hes one. Once again what was I thinking?! Ha! I should Holden was asleep when I first decided this....

Not sure if I am really going to let him play....
Ok now I know what I am supposed to do.....

Lets just eat it off of my tray.....

How bout we dump it out! Perfect!
I should add here this is when Holden woke up. Great now what!?!

Or we can just eat it out of the bowl like this! Ha!

He had it EVERYWHERE and had to have a bath! Thank goodness Cam's Daddy Matt was home to help since Holden and Cam both decided to start crying in the middle of trying to get Campbell dried off and down for a nap.
I LOVE this picture because he puts his hands up like this every time you ask him a question. And here it looks like you are asking him what happened or who made this mess and he just looks like I don't know!
Thank goodness they have two dogs which came in and cleaned up the floor for me!

He sure did very messy but I do think that had had a lot of fun! And who doesn't like eating and making a mess!

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