Alligator Point

Monday, April 12, 2010

Last week I had the week off since it was spring break so Jack took a vacation week from work and off to Alligator Point, Florida we went! We left on Saturday and had so much fun with my Mom, Billy, my brother Kyle and my SIL Dale. The island was soo quiet and not many other people were there. The house that we rented was on the bay side of the island so we kinda had our own beach. It was awesome! Here are a few of the pictures from our trip!

This is before we left! Holden was ready to go!

These are a little out of order but this is just the morning after we got there....which was also Easter

He was tired from playing in the car ha! Just look at all of his toys

I sat in the back half of the way down there since it was 6 hours in the car and after awhile Holden wasn't too happy and still sick then.

Easter day at the beach

Is his Easter outfit that Aunt Jamie let us barrow that our sweet niece Sophia wore last year

Sleeping with Daddy after hanging out at the beach

The boys loved fishing on the next door neighbor's dock. No one was home or at the houses on the same street with us almost all week

Hanging out on the beach

He even took a nap on the beach! I love how you can see the sand and the clouds oh and Harris my Mom and Billy's dog

Holden with Uncle Kyle and Aunt Dale

Thursday we drove to Mexico beach and ate an awesome place called Toucan's. This place is so good and means a lot to our family since we would always go there on our family trips before Michael died. This was me and Kyle first time back and Jack, Dale and Holden's first time ever there.

At the beach again

Holden with Mommy and Daddy at Toucan's

Hanging out with Daddy

My sweet boy

Another family picture

This is my FAVORITE picture of the whole week of Jack and Holden's feet!

We had such a great week with our family. And I even got to celebrate my birthday at the beach! Who wouldn't like that?!?

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Love the feet photo! Your son is adorable.

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