No playing in the snow for this sweet Boy

Saturday, January 9, 2010

What's that you say? It's snowing?? I want to go out and play in it!

Holden it is too cold we are not going to play in the snow.
Please Mommy I promise I'll be a good boy...

Maybe if I just act cute Mommy and Daddy will let me go play in the snow...

Or maybe I'll just take a nap!

We got about an inch of snow here at our house and lots of ice so we have been cooped up in our house since Thursday. But we did go to my follow up with my doctor and his neurologist appt before the snow rolled in. My appt went great and my blood pressure was wonderful so I am down to one dose a day for one more week! YEA! Then Thursday afternoon we went to his neurologist appt where everything went great also. They said he looks great and they are going to do a repeat EEG in the next two weeks and if everything comes back normal he will be off meds also! So we are very happy about that!

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Todd and Courtney said...

He's the cutest little boy I've ever seen!

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