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Saturday, January 23, 2010

We had a pretty busy week at our house this week! Monday Holden had his one month check up at his pediatrician. He is now 9 lbs and in the 29 percential for weight and is 22 inches long and in the 66 percential for height. So he is just long and skinny. Can't imagine where he gets that from since both Jack and I were long and skinny as kids. He did great and got his second Hep.B shot which he did not like at all but it was over fast. After his doctors appt. we went by and saw Andie and Campbell (the little boy I keep) and hung out for a little bit. Cam was so happy and loved trying to poke Holden and just try to play with him. It was so cute and you can tell that they are going to be great friends when they get older! Tueday we didn't do much except for venture out to get my oil changed in my car. Then Wednesday we had Holden's appt at his neurologist office for an EEG. We were there for about two hours and he did great and I was able to hold him the whole time while he slept thru the whole thing. I thought that I might have heard back from his doctor either Thursday or Friday but still haven't yet so I guess he will call sometime this week. Thursday and Friday were pretty boring and we just stayed around the house. Then this morning I woke up about 5:30 ish to feed Holden and I could hear our cat Simon throwing up down the hall. Something that is very normal in our house since he feels the need to eat everytime we go close to his food. But something was different this time I could hear him go down stairs and it sounded like he just kept throwing up. Then the next thing I knew I could hear him meowing a lot which he doesn't do much unless he wants to try and escape out the door to go outside when we do. Since I was feeding Holden I woke up Jack and told him something was wrong and to go check it out. He came running back upstairs saying he need to go to the hospital now (Simon not Jack) I got up and went down stairs wher I found our poor Simon just laying on the floor. He had lost all control of his back legs. So I called Mom about 6 to find out what time my Uncle Stephen and Aunt Lisa got to their vet clinic every morning and that Simon was dying. She told us to go ahead and leave and they would be there by the time we got there. So Jack ran and got his clothes on and ran out the door with him without even saying by. It turns out he had a blood clot that formed and cut off the blood supply to his legs and he was in a lot of pain. There was nothing that they could do so Jack had to make the hard decision to put him to sleep. Our sweet, get into everything, 17 year old cat. He was a sweet cat and had a great life and was VERY spoiled but he was very old. So tonight I think we might have a date night just the two of us and go to our favorite little italian restaurant down the street from my parents. I am not looking forward to leaving my sweet boy behind but Nana Anna and Papa Billy will do a great job keeping him. And I really want to leave him once before Feb. 1st when I have jury duty and have to leave him for who knows how long!

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