We found a crib!

Monday, July 13, 2009

For a few weeks now , we have started looking for a crib. I have heard if you have to order one it could take months to get it in so I wanted to get started. After we moved in our house, I was at a thrift store one day and found a beautiful black changing table for way cheap and it was brand new. So later in the day, I took Jack back to make sure he liked it and he did so we bought it. So for awhile now we have been looking for a black crib to go with it. This was not as easy as you would think. A lot of crib makers are no longer making black cribs and now they and making them with out the drop down because drop downs don't convert to full size beds all the time. So since they aren't making the drop down side, they have lowered the whole crib closer to the ground so the you can reach the baby easier. Well that is unless you are as tall as Jack and I. We had looked many time and only kept finding cribs that were way too short for us and then on Saturday we took so of our friends Mandy and Bill and their kidos and went on a crib hunt and look what we found! We LOVED this crib when we found it and it was taller than most and came in black! Here is the website so you can see it in black..
We haven't ordered it just yet but will by the end of the month hopefully and should get it in 8- 10 weeks after that!
And here is the bedding if it is a girl:
I found this set at a model home sale over a year ago for $30 and just couldn't pass it by. It came with everything and curtains and I was so excited. I was even more excited that when I got home and looked it up online and saw that it was selling for over $280! I am a huge deal shopper so this was awesome!
And for a boy:
Jack and I decided a long time ago that if we had a boy we wanted to have a surfer/beach kinda room. So once again this was not easy to find. I looked forever and finally found this on online and loved it. So if its a boy my mom and I are going to make this!

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