My angel Michael

Monday, April 27, 2009

After my brother Michael died in a car accident in November of 2005, I went and got this tattoo in memory of him. It is the same tattoo he had gotten only two weeks before his accident. It is on my hip and has initials and AGM under it for his bands name Any Given Moment. The star on the top is there because on his tombstone we wrote Heavens rock star. The bruise across my tattoo in the picture is from me wearing my selt belt in the wreck. I know that he was watching over me that day and my seat belt saved my life! When I went to get out of my car though the selt belt was broken. I know that Michael was watching over me and made sure me seat belt kept me safe and then let me get out of the car when it was smoking. I feel a lot better today. My arms and shoulders are really sore and my chest is still very sore but I am alive! Here are a few pictures from the accident site:

Here you can see my car, the car that landed in my lane and I hit and how far I was off of the road. I think it was about 60 feet.
On another note, our friends John and Chandra came down from North Carloina this weekend and they were a BIG help! And Saturday night we had our awesome friends Bill and Mandy over and they were a HUGE help to me also! Thank yall for helping me out so much!!!
I am also sad to report that we did not make it to Kate Gosselin's book signing by the Mall of Ga on Saturday night. I am super bummed out and had been excited for weeks to go see her but I just didn't think that I would be able to stand in line very long to see her. So I am super bummed about that. But besides that my weekend was a lot better than my Friday!

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