Just a few words Wednesday

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Today we spent the day at my moms house. We had a blast and spent the whole day out in the backyard playing. My mom had surgery on her knee last Friday and my grandparents have been staying with her and my step-dad this week. It was amazing to watch Holden be able to run and play in their backyard and know he gets to spend time with not only his grandparents but mine too!

I grilled for the first time EVER when I made dinner for everyone! And I didn't even burn it! Ha!!

Holden has been feeling much better and luckily... I shouldn't even think these words... Jack, Rylan and I have stayed well!

I swear that Rylan is the happiest baby ever and smilies alllll the time!

Holden came home tonight and after taking a bath climbed in my bed to watch Curious George with his new George doll and my moms from when she was little.

It's the little things that are so cool! : )

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