101 and the flu

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Today my sweet Rylan is 101 days old. Those 101 days have been so incredible and he is such a sweet and happy baby. We have had a super crazy past few weeks and have had a lot of fun from Jack's sisters, bro in laws and beautiful niece Sophia coming in town to an awesome 30th unsurprised birthday party for him... And not so fun moments.

Well maybe just two not so fun moments.

One of which when Jack sliced his finger open at work 11 days ago and 11 stitches later, today is his first day back.

The other not so fun moment came yesterday. Mr. Holden woke up with a fever of 104. So off to the doctor we went only to find out he has the flu. Poor guy really feels bad. Did you know when the doctor tells you your child has the flu AND you have a three month old at home the doc kinda freaks. So after an escort by a nurse out the back door, totally not kidding, and meds for Holden and Rylan, we are hunkering down at home at least for the time being until everyone is fever free.

But so far Holden is the only one sick and Rylan is still his happy normal self!

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