A pool and a fire

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Whew-what a fun filled weekend we have had! Yesterday we spent time running errands and going to the park to play. Today we stayed around the house most of the day then went to my dads house for dinner and swimming. Not much swimming really went on but Holden had a blast squirting everyone with his squirt gun!

We also had our fill of entertainment when the next mountain over from their house caught fire and they had to come up dads driveway to get to the woods where the fire was. Jack and my step brother Jackson decided they wanted to follow the firemen to see the fire so there is a pic below. Holden just loved seeing all the fireman, fire truck and the huge tractor they brought in to help control the fire. Luckily it was about a mile from their house, do we were all safe enough away.

So here are some sweet pics from this afternoon! Enjoy!!

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