Here we go again!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So my day started off pretty normal. I had a job for the day so here I am on my way to work and for all who don't know what the that red and white sign is that has the big letters that say YIELD on it it means watch out for other cars! Here I am minding my own business in my own lane and this lady in a minivan decided she was going to just come on over into my lane and hit me! (And I even went into the next lane over to avoid her) I am just fne and so is my car. She just left some black marks on my car that I'm sure can be buffed out and pushed a tiny corner of my back bumper in. Something that you would NEVER notice unless you were looking for it. So yeah I am now taking applications for a personal driver! Except for the fact I don't have a job and don't go anywhere so this might be hard to find someone! HA!

On another note, I can't wait until Friday! I have another doctors appt. with a specialist and get to have another ultra sound on my sweet peanut! I had some surgery a little over a year ago and they just want to watch me, along with my regular midwife, for the first 22- 24 weeks or so. So sometime on Friday or this weekend I will post new pictures of our new peanut if I get some!

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