Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween y'all! We had a blast this year! Rylan was a monster and Holden was a monkey. He wore the same costume from last year after he refused to wear the most adorable sock monkey pirate costume that my dad and Trena got for him to wear! Good thing is, Rylan has a costume for next year! Ha! We started off our night going to the trunk or treat at church. Holden could have really cared less about the games and rides and whatnot but as soon as someone gave him a piece of candy, he was convinced he had to eat it right then! After that we swag by chick fil a for dinner then stopped by my moms for a few before heading home. It was a super fun night!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Hey y'all! I hate that I haven't blogged in months like I used to!! These two crazy boys I have have been keeping me crazy busy and loving every.... Err... Almost every minute!!

A lot has been going on in our life's! From a new mini to finding a church we like to working hard and playing harder!

Holden is growing up so fast and I can't believe that we are already starting to plan his birthday!! He is just SO, SO smart and he loves his mama so big. : )

Rylan goes about 99 miles an hour and is so full of life. He seriously is the happiest baby I have ever seen! Some days I'm convinced he's going to make me crazy but I wouldn't trade his happy, healthy self for anything in the world!!

So that's a little of what we have been up to!! I'm making it my mission to blog more! I love being able to look back on how far our family has come!

Two {and 8 months}

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Today I had a huge realization that my sweet, sweet Holden Michael is closer to being 3 than he is 2. He is growing up so fast and I can't believe I am already "pinning" away ideas for his birthday! I also realized that I want to remember every little thing at this age... So here is a few things that he is up to these days:
He knows and can recognize all of his colors, numbers, and letters. Still working on shapes.
Trains are still by far his favorite things to play with. Sigh. I may or may not be ready for a new addiction : )
His favorite movies are Charlie and the Chocolate Factory {and Willy Wonka}, Pinnochio, Cars and any train movie.
I love how he runs up with his arms wide open and wants a hug.
He is a Mama's boy but adores his daddy.
He LOVES his blankie!!
Every time Rylan wakes up in the am or from a nap he will say "Rywan wake up in the mornin." it's so cute
He loves playing outside! Water tables, bubbles and chalk are his fav
Every. Single. Time he sees a bus he breaks out singing The wheels on the bus. Love!
Best of all- he calls himself Holden Michael. Funniest and coolest thing ever!
We love you sweet Holden Michael!

Seven {and a half} months

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rylan Levi you are seven {and a half} months old!! I can't believe how fast you are growing up! You are the sweetest and happiest baby ever! You are always smiling and laughing at something.... ESP Holden who you think is the funniest kid around!! To hear you laugh at him is the best thing in the world!! Here is a little of what you are up to these days:
*You are eating two sometimes three meals a day. You LOVE veggies and hate fruit- go figure! Ha! You are taking a 6oz bottle every three hours during the day and once at night.
* Speaking of night- your daddy and I would sure love for you to sleep the whole night, but I know it will come one day. : )
* I just yesterday lowered your crib all the way down. You are trying to pull up on everything so it was time.
* Army crawling is still your favorite but you would much rather have someone hold you so you can stand.
*You never really wanted a paci but you do love you blankies!
* On 8/17 you weighed 18 lbs exactly and were 29 inches long. Long and skinny : )
* you are wearing size 3 diapers and 6-9 and 9-12 clothes. Your sleepers are all size 12 months
*You love... Wait... LOVE the water and bath time! You kick so hard most night the entire bathroom{including ceiling!} is soaked.. And laugh the whole time
*You have found the stairs... And think its the best thing ever to try and get up on them{we have one big step before the others and this you like to think is fun to play on}
*You are such a busy boy and love to keep moving all day. You have me chasing you all day but I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Rylan Levi we love you so big! You are such an amazing blessing to our lives and I thank God every day for you!

Forever... And a day

It has been forever since I have blogged! I think I have been in a blog coma and can't believe how much I haven't blogged about. We are doing wonderful and the boys are getting bigger and smarter everyday! I have been super busy loving on these sweet boys of mine and soaking up every min with them. They are just growing up so fast! I'm also staying busy with Holden's Hut and making tons of cute stuff! Jack is staying busy with work and we are just having a ball with our two boys. I have a TON of blogs to fill in the gaps, but here are some pics over the last few weeks!! : )

Way too long

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hey y'all! I have been out of the blog world for WAY too long! I have so many thing to update everyone on! Rylan is SIX months now... And has been crawling for about three weeks! And Holden is just so smart and sweet as can be! But for now here is a picture of my sweet boy playing under... Yes I said under.. The couch yesterday : )

5 Months

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rylan Levi, today you are 5 months old! Mommy is a HUGE slacked and hasn't really done a month to month update on you so I am deff doing one now! You are seriously the happiest and cuddliest baby ever. You are constantly smiling and laughing and you think Holden is the funniest kid around! You have the best personality and can make anyone smile. Here is a little about you at 5 months:

*You are wearing size 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers. {At night you wear size 3 just to help keep you dry longer}
* You are taking 5 or 6 oz of Similac Soy every 3 hours during the day and usually wake up about 1-2 times at night
*You just started sleeping in your crib and I think you like it. : ) You LOVE to sleep with your arms stretched out above your head and you just weren't fitting so well in your cradle like that.

*You usually take somewhere between 2 and 4 naps a day depending on if we have to get up in the morning. {If we go to Cooper's house you always sleep on the way there and home}
*You are IN LOVE with your blankie!
*We started you on rice cereal about a month ago but it didn't agree with your stomach so we waited a few weeks to try again... still didn't like your belly

*You are a BIG time Mommy's boy
*Holden is finally coming around a lot more and wanting to hold you!
*You like your paci but you could take it or leave it most times. Then there is other where you have to have it.
*You just went in the pool for the first time a few weeks ago and you LOVED it! I should have known since bath time is your favorite!
*You are doing so good and growing so fast!

Rylan Levi, We love you sooo much and thank God for such a sweet and perfect boy! I love you so big and can't wait to see you grow up!

Melts my heart..

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It melts my heart..., that he may FINALLY like his little brother...

.... Or maybe I bribed him with a cookie...

I'll never tell! : )

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A pool and a fire

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Whew-what a fun filled weekend we have had! Yesterday we spent time running errands and going to the park to play. Today we stayed around the house most of the day then went to my dads house for dinner and swimming. Not much swimming really went on but Holden had a blast squirting everyone with his squirt gun!

We also had our fill of entertainment when the next mountain over from their house caught fire and they had to come up dads driveway to get to the woods where the fire was. Jack and my step brother Jackson decided they wanted to follow the firemen to see the fire so there is a pic below. Holden just loved seeing all the fireman, fire truck and the huge tractor they brought in to help control the fire. Luckily it was about a mile from their house, do we were all safe enough away.

So here are some sweet pics from this afternoon! Enjoy!!