Good Doctor's Visit!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Yesterday I had a check up with one of the midwifes in the practice I go to. They are always so great there AND my wonderful Colleen ( our neighbor for over 15 years) works in the same office. I got there after LOTS of rain and was in and out in under 30 min. Everything looked good and when the oh so sweet lady( I can't remember her name) came in the room to listen to his heartbeat he was not excited. He started moving around a lot and as soon as she put the doppler on my stomach to find his heartbeat he started kicking it so that was all you could hear. It was so funny and she did finally get his heartbeat once he moved around some more. It was in the 150's which is where it always is and I go back in four weeks. I am not looking forward to my next visit because I have to do my blood glucose test. YUCK! And I am really hoping and praying I don't get this since my Mom and Grandmother have both had it! Wish me luck!

Painting Holden's room!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Today we had a very busy day. We got up early and went to church with our neighbor Katie. After that we all went and ate lunch together and then off to Home Depot Jack and I went to find the perfect color for our Holden's room. We have all the fabric for his bed and Jack has been wanting to paint his room since I found out I was pregnant. So we found the perfect color blue that goes great with the main fabric that we are going to use and went home and got busy!

Before: This is of Holden's room last weekend when we cleaned the carpets.

This is when we started putting the tape lines up for the white stripe that it between the blue. (And yes that is his very full closet full of many clothes right now thanks to Tamra, Nickole and Andie! Passing down clothes is awesome! And we have A LOT of boys who we have passed them to!!)
Here is where Simon decided that he was going to start helping Jack....
And here is what we measured the blue stripe on the wall with... who need a measuring tape... not Simon I guess! HA!

The room all stripped and ready to be painted!

I think Simon is slackin on the job and making Jack do all the work!

All painted and tape down!
Daddy did an AWESOME job painting the room and I know Holden is going to love it!! Thank you Daddy! We love you!!

Busy, Busy Baby Boy

Thursday, August 20, 2009

In the past few weeks, Holden has really stepped up his game! I blog and write and tell everyone about how I just wish Jack could be able to feel him move and then it happened! He is moving and kicking so hard now that Jack has been able to feel him move a lot more and I am even getting used to feeling him move a lot harder and stronger every day. Last weekend I felt him kick for the first time on top of my stomach. He was kicking away and I could really feel his foot kick me and then last night when he was moving around I could see my stomach moving around like crazy. Today my countdown at home says 128 days until he gets here and time is going by so fast. I go back to the doctor next week and we are really looking forward to going to the beach in two weeks! This will be our last vacation before he gets here and we just love the beach so we can't wait! AND our second anniversary is also coming up on the day we come home from the beach! Our life is so wonderful right now and things are only about to get even better!

This is AWESOME!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Is this not the COOLEST thing that you have ever seen?? My mom made it! It's a mosaic and made of a bunch of pieces of glass! Jack and I went to hang out for a little bit before we had to go babysit and she gave this to us for Holden. He is going to love it so much and it is going to go PERFECT in his room! Thank you Nana! We love you!

Last weekend we had another big adventure registering for baby things. We went with our awesome neighbors Kenny and Katie so they coul register at the same time for their baby girl. We satrted at Babies R Us and were there for a few hours! Who would have thought that it would take that long to register at one store. After that we left and went and got some lunch and then on to Target. That was not fun at all. All of their gift registrys were down online and in stores. So Jack and I finally were able to create one and then about 20 attempts later so were Katie and Kenny. But we made it and finally were all able to register there also. Both of the our registrys are available online or in stores and I have posted a link to them below!

Back to Work I go

Thursday, August 6, 2009

On Monday, I returned to work and it has been great! I didn't get my job back with my boys (since their dad Mark still hasn't found a job yet.... please continue to pray that he will find something) BUT I am watching their cousin Campbell. Campbell's Mommy Andie is sisters with my boys momma Nickole. He is the sweetest thing and is almost 5 months old. He is so stinkin cute and we have lots of fun playing and talking, well mostly me talking, while his Mommy Andie and Daddy Matt go to work. I really think he knows that I am pregnant and Holden is going to be his best friend. I have a super cute pic of him on my phone that I will have to load later and send to his Momma and Daddy. Holden is doing great. He is very busy and moves around all the time. I just need him to move just a little harder so that Jack can feel him too.