Hanging out with Jacob!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Last weekend we had some of our awesome friends Mandy and Bill and their two kids Abbie and Jacob come over to spend the weekend. They live about an hour and a half away but with the bad weather they just decided to stay the weekend. We had so much fun just hanging out and watching movies and hanging out! Saturday after one of Holden's naps, Jacob was so excited to go ad get in his bed with him and "babysit" Holden! It was so stinkin cute! Here are a few pictures that I grabbed!

We had so much fun and we can't wait for more of our awesome friends Chan and the kidos to come in this weekend!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Ok so this is way late and I feel really bad because it is late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!

You were the first one to hold me!

Sleeping on you is the bast!

But I LOVE YOU SOOOO much!! YOu are the bestest Daddy ever!

And this is super late but we have a LOT of other birthday's in our family over this past week! Happy Birthday Gigi, Aunt Dale and Aunt Caitlin!!

Just a little something to make you smile....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This is the funniest video of Holden laughing! I started making this funny geeee sound to him when he was fussing and he thought it was the funniest thing! So I went and grabbed my camera and here it is!

Happy 4 Month Birthday Holden!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yesterday my sweet baby boy turned 4 months old! Sometimes I can't believe that it has only been 4 months and others it feels like yesterday when he was born! I love this guitar outfit he has on this month and am SOOO glad I got it out since the tag says 6-9 months but this brand must run super small because it is almost too small for him!

He is now in 3-6 month clothes.... well most..... he is so skinny that 0-3 month shorts in what he is wearing still but everything else mostly 3-6!

He is also still in size 1 diapers

He so badly wants to sit up and this is how he sits most of the time! ha!

He is now only on formula. I decided to stop breastfeeding about three weeks ago simply because my production got really low and it really wasn't even worth it anymore. But he is a wonderful bottle eater so he didn't mind

He is eating anywhere between 3-5 oz every 3 hours or so day and night. Lately he has been waking up a lot more during the night for some reason but last night he actually went back to just waking up once.

Such a sweet boy

He LOVES his paci and his blanket! But also loves to chew on his hands when a paci isn't around

He is back to liking his car seat again and usually falls asleep or just sits in the back talking

He is such a happy baby and loves talking and flirting!

He still has blue eyes now... no sure if they will last or not.

This is the back of his outfit and I love it because it looks like the strap of the guitar on the front! How cute is that?!?

He still hates the bath but I don't think it is the water. I have just put him in the shower with me a few times and he doesn't mind at all and he didn't mind his feet in the water at the beach so not sure what all that is about.

But the BIGGEST NEWS of this 4 month update that I couldn't say at 3 months is:
I know I posted about this but this is just so wonderful! And he is doing awesome and shows no signs of any weakness anywhere! I am going to have a friend of mine check him out maybe in a month or so but he is doing fabulous!

Still trying to sit up silly boy!

This face is SOOO funny to me! Hes like are we done yet can I have my paci and blanket and go to bed now! ha!!

This makes him so happy!

Next month I am going back to the stamp pad. Paint+4 month old= not so much fun!

We also went to the doctor yesterday for his 4 month check up and he is now 26 1/2 inches long and in the 92% and 14 lbs and in the 32%! Just so very long and skinny!

Toys, smiles and food!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This is just a big combination of lots of things. First of all here are some pictures of my sweet boy when I went to get him out of his bed after a nap one day last weekend. He doesn't sleep in here at night but takes naps sometime in here on the weekend.
This is a new face he makes where he sticks his lips out like he is saying "whatcha talking about?" ha!
Looking at some things I put in his bed after he woke up... except for the Georgia Bulldog..... that took a nap with him

These next ones are from this morning and tonight. This morning he was just so happy and now he can't stand laying on his back and is ALWAYS trying to sit up... even in his car seat!

So Happy!

Look Mommy I'm sitting up! ha!

And here is tonight. This was the first time I have given him rice cereal and I think he actually liked it! He ate about half of what I made him!

Ok so I can't believe I am even posting this picture with me in it I look terrible! Lets just say its been a long day, good but long.

Ok am I done yet??

Beside that nothing else new is going on. We go on Friday for his 4 month check up and I can't wait to see ow big he is now!
And because I didn't post anything yesterday Holden would like to wish his Aunt Megan a HAPPY late BIRTHDAY!!

Alligator Point

Monday, April 12, 2010

Last week I had the week off since it was spring break so Jack took a vacation week from work and off to Alligator Point, Florida we went! We left on Saturday and had so much fun with my Mom, Billy, my brother Kyle and my SIL Dale. The island was soo quiet and not many other people were there. The house that we rented was on the bay side of the island so we kinda had our own beach. It was awesome! Here are a few of the pictures from our trip!

This is before we left! Holden was ready to go!

These are a little out of order but this is just the morning after we got there....which was also Easter

He was tired from playing in the car ha! Just look at all of his toys

I sat in the back half of the way down there since it was 6 hours in the car and after awhile Holden wasn't too happy and still sick then.

Easter day at the beach

Is his Easter outfit that Aunt Jamie let us barrow that our sweet niece Sophia wore last year

Sleeping with Daddy after hanging out at the beach

The boys loved fishing on the next door neighbor's dock. No one was home or at the houses on the same street with us almost all week

Hanging out on the beach

He even took a nap on the beach! I love how you can see the sand and the clouds oh and Harris my Mom and Billy's dog

Holden with Uncle Kyle and Aunt Dale

Thursday we drove to Mexico beach and ate an awesome place called Toucan's. This place is so good and means a lot to our family since we would always go there on our family trips before Michael died. This was me and Kyle first time back and Jack, Dale and Holden's first time ever there.

At the beach again

Holden with Mommy and Daddy at Toucan's

Hanging out with Daddy

My sweet boy

Another family picture

This is my FAVORITE picture of the whole week of Jack and Holden's feet!

We had such a great week with our family. And I even got to celebrate my birthday at the beach! Who wouldn't like that?!?

Ultimate Blog Party?? I think so!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

How fun is this!! I do have to say I am a little, ok a lot obsessed with blogging and reading other people blogs. They are just so much fun! I found this link today and thought it was wonderful because you can get a tour of other peoples blogs and they can tour thru yours! I think that this is great and you get to take a peek at what other people just like you are doing around the country and even world!

So If you are new or just stopping by my blog here is a little info on me: My name is Emily and I am a 26 year old living an amazing life in Georgia! My husband Jack and I were married two and a half years ago, after dating only one year (even though we met back in high school). Back in December we welcomed our sweet baby Holden to our family. He has been the most amazing thing to ever happen to us! After giving us a scare and having three seizures and a stroke after he was born, he is doing wonderful and is off all of his seizure medicine and doing awesome! I am a nanny for a very sweet little boy that keeps me super busy during the day. I love taking a million pictures of my boys and blogging to tell about it. (I am hoping to turn it into a book someday) We love to have fun and hang out with our awesome friends and the most amazing family that we could ever ask for! And I hope that you enjoy seeing a little of what goes on in our daily life : )