Weekend fun!

Monday, May 28, 2012

What a fun weekend we had! The boys and I had Friday off so we spent the day at home and I worked on Holden's hut stuff allllll day.

Saturday we got up and went over to my mom and step dads house and went swimming. This was Rylan's first time in the pool and for the most part he loved it and even feel asleep is the pool while mom was holding him! I think Holden liked it better this year also... But he's still not sure about it. We stayed over there for the day and cooked out that night.

Sunday we stayed home all day and Jack's parents came over to hang out for a bit. Jack left to go to a movie that night with my step dad Billy and I just took the boys outside and let them play.

Then today we stayed home again and had the neighbors come over for a cookout for lunch. It was super fun and we are so lucky to have such amazing neighbors who we can call great friends!

On another note- please go over to my Holden's Hut page and check out our fundraiser for sweet baby Parker!!


Now for some pics of my cutie pies!! : )

Prayers for Parker

Friday, May 18, 2012

As I sit here this morning, eating my chick fil a biscuit and drinking my sweet tea, I'm thanking God for my two healthy beautiful boys. I am so grateful to God for them and for him allowing me to be their Mommy.

Right now at 8:03, sweet Abby{a friend of my friend Ali and I have met her many times when she has made the most wonderful cakes for me} is in the delivery room about to deliver a beautiful baby boy Parker who needs lots of prayers!!! Please say a quick prayer{or many} for them today and over the next few weeks!! Here is her blog


Give your kidos extra love today and head towards a Krispie Kreme for Parker!! : )

Happy 4 months Rylan Levi!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Where have the past four months gone?? I can not believe that my sweet little baby is already FOUR months old!! He is the sweetest baby ever and the past four months have flown by. But on the other hand I can not remember life before we had him. It's so weird {and awesome} how life does that to you. Holden likes... Ahem... Pays more attention to him every day and Rylan just adores Holden.

Happy, happy {yesterday} 4 months Rylan Levi!! We love you SO big!!

{full 4 month update to come!! : ) }

From Holden

Wednesday, May 16, 2012




He wanted to tell you all that he is now a big boy and now has been using the potty like a big boy for a week!! : )

Go Holden!!

Pinterest{of course}

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A few months back, while surfing thru Pinterest's THOUSANDS of pins, I came across some painted canvases that I really liked. We have always needed something above our bed, but I never found something that I just loved until I found these!

I love them so much I decided that I could make them my self with our colors. So I did and I LOVE how they turned out!!

What do you think?? I also made a new cover for our comforter that it grey and white striped and it all looks soo good together.

Have any of you made any fun new Pinterest things for your home??

Just a few words Wednesday

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Today we spent the day at my moms house. We had a blast and spent the whole day out in the backyard playing. My mom had surgery on her knee last Friday and my grandparents have been staying with her and my step-dad this week. It was amazing to watch Holden be able to run and play in their backyard and know he gets to spend time with not only his grandparents but mine too!

I grilled for the first time EVER when I made dinner for everyone! And I didn't even burn it! Ha!!

Holden has been feeling much better and luckily... I shouldn't even think these words... Jack, Rylan and I have stayed well!

I swear that Rylan is the happiest baby ever and smilies alllll the time!

Holden came home tonight and after taking a bath climbed in my bed to watch Curious George with his new George doll and my moms from when she was little.

It's the little things that are so cool! : )