Another beautiful day

Monday, January 31, 2011

Ok first of all I need to say that if you aren't family, you probably don't want to look at 20+ pictures of my adorable little boy. Because yes, I posted 20+ pictures because I couldn't just pick a few: )
So this past weekend was so beautiful! We had so much fun spending a ton of time outside! Sunday we went over to my Mom's house and Holden had a blast playing on the deck, swings and slide. So here are just some of the pictures from our day. Enjoy : )


Homemade donuts

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday morning we woke up to two adorable little boys jumping on the bed. Cooper and Cash spent the night to play Wii with Jack late the night before and Saturday morning when we got up I was searching for something to make for breakfast. I decided to make the boys donuts and they LOVED them and they are super duper easy. 
First you need to take a can of biscuits and cut holes in the center of every biscuit. Just use something small and round..... yes, I used a shot glass. That is probably the only time it has been used in many years!
Then drop them in some hot oil. But not too hot because if it is too hot it will cook the outside and not the inside. If this happens throw them in the microwave for a min or so.... not that I would know or anything! HA!
 Then take them out of the oil and roll them around in cinnamon and sugar and eat!


Playing outside

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yesterday was such a beautiful day outside! I had an extra little one over at Campbell's house{which I do a lot and I think it is much easier the more you have} so I decided to take the three boys outside. Holden still isn't too sure about about the grass and since it is dead and hard right now he really isn't sure about it. When we first went out he just sat there and watched the boys run around. Which was perfect for getting a few pics of him.
 But he wasn't feeling too great so he wasn't very happy that I wasn't holding him and he couldn't crawl anywhere.

 Then he wanted to show off his mad standing skills! HA! He is standing up for longer and longer all the time!

 Then he decided enough was enough and decided crawling up and down the sidewalk would be fun.

 Then we went inside : )


Where or Where have I been?

Friday, January 28, 2011

What's That you say? You missed me? I missed you too you 4 or 5 people who read this silly blog. HA! I have been sooo super busy this week hanging out with these adorable little boys. Remember when I used to keep the three boys and their Daddy lost his job? Well I have great news.. he got a job and loves it! That is so wonderful for them and we are all excited! Well he started his new job on Monday and that meant they were in need of a nanny. Well I am busy keeping Campbell and soon he will have a new little sister so they thought it might be easier to find someone else for the boys. Which after Monday-Wednesday being with 5 boys under 6 is probably a good idea for my sanity. Well they had a nanny worked out that was great and things didn't really come together until yesterday for everyone so I had the boys M-W and yesterday was back to normal. But seriously how stinkin cute are all of them!

{L to R Cooper{6}, Holden, Cash{4}, Campbell{1} and Tucker{2}}

All seriousness I love these boys so much and would do anything for them and I think they know it : ) And I love them so much that I am going to go pick up Cooper and Cash after I leave Campbell's house today so that they can spend the night with us and play Lego Star Wars all night with Jack! 
I'll let ya know how that goes! : )


Year in Pictures

Thursday, January 27, 2011

 {1/19/11 Holden found the tupperware cabinet when I was making dinner}
 {1/20/11 Skinny little legs trying to climb over the gate}
 {1/20/11 Still trying : ) }
 {1/21/11 I got this one after he fell asleep on me. e was so tired I layed him down and changed his diaper and he didn't even wake up}

 {1/21/11 Before he fell asleep he was playing with Tucker and Campbell}
 {1/22/11 We went to over favorite place to eat Osaka with our awesome friends and neighbors The Ferguson's}
 {1/23/11 Watching everyone play Guitar Hero}
{1/24/11 Playing with my fave boys! From L to R Cooper{6}, Holden{1}, Cash{4}, Campbell{1}, and Tucker{2} We took the bottom picture first and then Sara jumped up in the picture and wanted her picture taken too! HA!}

 {1/25/11 Looking for the dogs outside the window}
{1/26/11 Playing with Daddy and Elmo}