Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So I probably should have included this in my last post tonight but I wanted my Mom to have her own special post! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! We love you!!!! I hope that enjoyed dinner and your flowers!!

God Is Awesome! And so is Cash!

Today I had to put a pic of my middle child Cash..... well he's not mine but I would claim him any day and he saved me! And don't let the picture fool you he is cute as a button and full of more energy than you can imagine!
This is the look he gives most of the time! That is why he has stiches in his lip under the band aid!

You know not everyone is made to watch kids everyday. Most people would go crazy to be locked in a house all day with three crazy scremin boys, sometimes more. But I love it! I was heartbroken on Monday to find out that I might now be able to see them everyday and it still makes me want to cry to know that I can so close to not being able to. Well put Daddy on the job for a day and they come begging for me to come back! Yep that's right my Cashie boy did his job that I instructed him to do yesterday and drove his Dad up the wall. That's my boy! Some people are just not able to deal with kids running in circles around them all day. I am so used to this and it doesn't even bother me at all( and some days I run in the circles with them) So I went to watch my boys last night because Mark and Nickole had their weekly bible study and they pretty much realised they can't live with out me hahahaha! Ok so maybe he realised he was never going to be able to do anything but chase after kids all day if I wasn't there. So today I was hired back! I am going to work only three days a week for a little less but I have a job and I am with my boys! I thank you all for your thought and prayers! Now we just have to keep praying that Mark finds an awesome job, because I know he will, so I have to never leave them again!...... Or at least until they go to college! haha! All I can say is God is awesome!

God is able to do immeseasurably more than all we could ever ask or imagine.

Ephesians 3:20

Back from Florida and jobless

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Florida was awesome! We had an amazing trip! We were so happy to meet Sophia and Carlos and to see the whole family.

On Thursday and Friday we mostly hung out with Jamie and Sophia during the day and then Katie, James and Monica came over later after work. We even were able to go and visit his grandparents and his Uncle Gus, Aunt Jean and their three boys.

On Satuday we packed up and headed to the beach for the day.... Well about 30 min. After we had been there for awhile we saw a black cloud heading our way and sure enough we got rain. One of James and Katies wonderful friends had brought a tent to keep Sophia out of the sun so everyone piled in the tent except for Jamie, Monica, Sophia and I who took off running to the closest restaurant. Which turned out to be a good thing. The wind was blowing so hard the tent with six people in it was almost sideways! The rain lastest about 30-45 min and then everyone was able to come out but it was so funny to watch the tent blow around in the wind and rain. After the rain we left the beach and wen down and saw Jack and his families old house then we went back to our hotel for a little nap before dinner and his Uncle Gus and Aunt Jean's house.

On Sunday morning we packed up the car and went and meet everyone for breakfast and then got on the road to come home. Had a great ride home. We hit a little traffic in south GA but then were able to make it to Kacks parents house by 11 or so.

So I get up Monday morning and head back to work. I am there for about two hours when my boss comes home and told me that he has been laid off. So they can't afford and don't need me now as he is home... so right now I'm jobless. So please keep Mark in Nickole and the boys in your prayers as he heads into finding a new job and Jack and I as I look for a new one. I just know I am NEVER going to find a job as awesome as I had! But that's ok with me as long as my boys are taken care of and ok!

But on an ending note here are some pictures from our trip... well really of Sophia!! We love you all!

Smiling at Mommy in the bath and the Happy Family

She loved smiling at him and Daddy

Laying on Uncle Jack is the best!!

In Miami and Loving it!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

After an 11 hour car ride yesterday, we made it down to our hotel at about 11:30 last night. We had a great ride with NO traffic or anything and didn't hit rain until about 100 miles from Miami. But besides a little rain we had no problems at all! We got up this morning and went to eat breakfast with Monica, Jamie and Sophia. We now are at Jamie and Carlos' hanging out and enjoying our time with Jamie and Sophia. We had a little Easter photo shoot with Sophia earlier and she didn't last very long but we got some super cute pictures!!

Here is Uncle Jack's first time holding Sophia and her sleeping in her car seat after breakfast.

Florida Here We Come!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So after waiting for almost two months to find a time to go to Florida, we are leaving tomorrow! We can't wait to get down and see everyone and to meet our sweet neice Sophia! We are so excited and can not wait! Here is a picture of the sweet girl sleeping that Aunt Katie sent me. We have already packed our bags and are about to put them in the car! And I just got a call from my wonderful boss that gave me the WHOLE day off tomorrow so I don't have to work half a day!! She is awesome! I am going to miss my boys though! Here is a cute picture I took of them earlier in their green for St. Patricks Day and for their new cousin Campbell's birthday!!

Moving to the blogspot!

So I have been thinking about it for awhile and comparing blogspot to shutterfly and I have decided to only use this website from now on. It is much easier and I love to be able to use cute background and everything!