His name is Holden....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

So we went to the doctor this morning...... and IT'S A BOY! We could not be more excited and Jack's face was beyond priceless when the lady said that is was a boy. I don't think that I have ever seen him so excited about anything. We picked out the name HOLDEN MICHAEL for him and it's probably a good thing it is a boy because we didn't have any girl names picked out at all. I loved the name Holden and Michael is after my brother. The picture above is a great profile shot.
In the picture, you can't really see it but it says BOY and is pointing to, as the lady said, it his Wee-wee. ha! I'm sure he is going to love one day this!

And here is one of the side of him again. We got a lot of good pictures and got to watch him for almost an hour with the nurse did all the measurement for everything. His heart and brain and face and whatever. It was fine by me we didn't mind watching. And he already has a girlfriend since we found out last week that our neighbor is having a girl. So we are so excited!

How can you not love this face!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is this not the cutest picture ever?!? This is our niece Sophia and her first time going out on the boat. Her Mommy Jamie sent it to me and I love this picture so much and she is so stinkin cute! We just wish we didn't live so far away! We love you Sophia!

17 Weeks!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

17 weeks here we are! I am not crazy about his picture, but I have been asked many times over the past weeks to see the baby belly that I have going on. So here it is. We are very excited about our doctors visit next week and we have both Grandmas Nana(my Mom) and Mima( Jacks Mom) going with us! This pregnancy has been so much fun so far! I have felt great and I also have two really good friends that are pregnant too! My friend Carrie, that I have been friends with since high school, is having a girl Baby Abagail and she is due at the beginning on November. Also we have become great friends with our neighbors Katie and Kenny and she is due the day after me! So we are having a lot of fun waiting to find out what we are having and picking out names. We are even going to register together in a few weeks. It is so much fun having someone be right there with you ever day!

We found a crib!

Monday, July 13, 2009

For a few weeks now , we have started looking for a crib. I have heard if you have to order one it could take months to get it in so I wanted to get started. After we moved in our house, I was at a thrift store one day and found a beautiful black changing table for way cheap and it was brand new. So later in the day, I took Jack back to make sure he liked it and he did so we bought it. So for awhile now we have been looking for a black crib to go with it. This was not as easy as you would think. A lot of crib makers are no longer making black cribs and now they and making them with out the drop down because drop downs don't convert to full size beds all the time. So since they aren't making the drop down side, they have lowered the whole crib closer to the ground so the you can reach the baby easier. Well that is unless you are as tall as Jack and I. We had looked many time and only kept finding cribs that were way too short for us and then on Saturday we took so of our friends Mandy and Bill and their kidos and went on a crib hunt and look what we found! We LOVED this crib when we found it and it was taller than most and came in black! Here is the website so you can see it in black..
We haven't ordered it just yet but will by the end of the month hopefully and should get it in 8- 10 weeks after that!
And here is the bedding if it is a girl:
I found this set at a model home sale over a year ago for $30 and just couldn't pass it by. It came with everything and curtains and I was so excited. I was even more excited that when I got home and looked it up online and saw that it was selling for over $280! I am a huge deal shopper so this was awesome!
And for a boy:
Jack and I decided a long time ago that if we had a boy we wanted to have a surfer/beach kinda room. So once again this was not easy to find. I looked forever and finally found this on online and loved it. So if its a boy my mom and I are going to make this!

Vote for Sophia!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My oh so sweet niece Sophia is in a beautiful babies contest in Florida and we need lots of votes for this beautiful little girl! You can click on the link below and it will take you to the website and you have to register ( this only takes a second) then you can vote for her. For the grand prize she could win $5,000!! This only takes a few min to do and all the votes are a huge help! Oh and you can vote EVERY DAY! Thank you for your votes and we should find out what Sophia's cousin will be on July 30th and we are super excited!


Second Trimester Here We Come!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So we have made it to the second trimester! I am so excited! The baby now is about 3 1/2 inches from crown to rump and is moving around like crazy. I went to the doctor last week feeling a little off and worried so I took my mom, aka Nana, with me. The baby and I are both doing great! Everything was fine and I was very happy to hear that. My mom got to see an ultrasound of the baby and see and hear the heartbeat. In the picture above you can see the baby kinda laying on its neck and its hands and face on the right and legs on the left. This is the second ultrasound I have had where the hands have been in front of the face like this. And we have a little ham on our hands! They started the ultrasound and the baby was so cute just laying there wit their hands in their face and as soon as it realised that we were talking about it and looking at it, it started doing flips and dancin! It was the cutest little thing and it already loves the attention. Jack and I are already in big trouble!! haha! I am feeling wonderful. Still a little tired sometimes but I'm not working right now so I try to get as much sleep now as I can because I know this isn't going to last for long. My clothes no longer fit and I need to buy some new ones just haven't yet. I haven't gained any weight but I do feel like I am. I have been feeling the baby move for about two weeks now and one of the first night's I did feel it, Jack want's to feel it move so bad, and he had his hand right over where the baby is and as soon as he did that the baby went crazy moving around. He couldn't feel it of course, but this baby already knew that was him! I go back to the doctor and the specialist on July 30th and I can't wait for this visit cause we should find out what it is! I am kinda convinced its a boy and Jack wants a boy and we have boy names picked out so I don't know what we will do if it is a girl. Which I would love!! And on the right of this page you can see how far along I am and how many days I have left. You can also click on the box and it will tell you what the baby is doing and how it is growing for the week.
On Monday I was super excited to call one of my best friends Rebecca, who I worked with in kindergarten for three years, and tell her I was as pregnant as she was when she told me that she was pregnant with her first daughter, Schella, who is now almost 5. I had been thinking about her all day for some reason so I called her Monday afternoon and left her a message that I had been thinking about her all day and just wanted to see how she was and just to call me back. As soon as I hung up the phone one of my other great friends Robbie ,who I also worked with the same time as Rebecca, called me and told me that Rebecca's mom Joyce had passed away. She had been fighting cancer for a long time and was a wonderful woman. So please keep the Lipschutz/Sprowl family in your prayers this week.